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A cardboard community created by you.

CurioCity is almost complete! Thanks to the 43 creative contributions we received from our community, we were able to construct a cardboard community with resources and facilities to make it a safe, healthy and fun place for all. We are still putting the finishing touches on our city and will be sharing a look into the completed community later this week – stay tuned! Plus, once MOXI is able to safely reopen, CurioCity will be on display to allow our visitors to explore all of the creative designs that came together during this time. Check out the final stats and data of the buildings that make up CurioCity below.

The Design Challenge.

Design a building that will make CurioCity more safe, healthy, and fun for all!

City Requirements.

  1. Resources to keep people healthy and safe
  2. Citizens of CurioCity should have access to education
  3. CurioCity is kind to the environment
  4. There are places and space in CurioCity where people can have fun!

Building Constraints.

  1. Structures must be made out of cardboard
  2. Individual contributions should fit within an 18″x18″ square plot
  3. In CurioCity, the average person is 3-4 inches tall

Monitoring CurioCity’s Growth.

Click below to see the final facts and figures about our cardboard community! What trends do you see? What’s missing? How might you make CurioCity a more complete place? What else do the residents or visitors need?

Curiocity Data Sheets

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