Seaside Sock Skating

Winter just got a whole lot cooler.

Seaside Sock Skating

This new seasonal exhibit will allow kids and adults to kick off their shoes to enjoy frictionless fun by sliding across a specialty tile floor reminiscent of ice, without the chill.

Sock skating is included with museum admission. (Don’t forget your socks!)

The exhibit is subject to closure in rainy conditions.

Pro Tips:

  • No skates are needed, just bring your own socks. (Cotton or natural fiber socks slide the best.)
  • Forgot your socks? We have you (and your feet) covered, with socks available for sale in the Museum Store.
  • Please exercise caution and be respectful of other skaters.
  • We recommend sunscreen and sunblock. It is bright up on the roof!

Sock skating is a physical activity involving balance and sliding. There is a risk of falls and injury. By entering MOXI’s Seaside Sock Skating rink you and your party acknowledge and voluntarily assume all risks related to sock skating.

The sock skating rink is built out of artificial ice tiles that have a real-ice feel, giving visitors a chance to slip, slide, and glide just like real ice skating but without the specialty equipment (or weather).

We invite skaters to experiment with their socks; which material slides the best? Cotton? Wool? Synthetic blend? Big fluffy slippers? What happens if you turn them inside out?

“One of our educational goals is to empower kids to take risks and try new things, whether that is in the form of building electrical circuits or gliding on synthetic ice!” – MOXI President + CEO, Robin Gose, Ed.D.

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