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Exploring Motion

Mini Air Rockets.

Tinker like an aerospace engineer and launch paper rockets using the power of your breath.
Exploring Motion

Water Wheels.

Upcycle plastics in your home to investigate the transformation of energy from moving water into power.
Exploring Motion

Moving Pictures.

Spin two pictures to trick the brain and make a new single image!
Exploring Motion

Marble Runs.

This at home activity is inspired by one of MOXI’s most popular exhibits, Roll It.
Exploring Motion


There’s lots of things that spin at MOXI. Explore spinning at home by making your own tops out of household materials or try to create an optical illusion out of something that spins!
Exploring Motion

Playing with Balls + Ramps.

Check out “Roll On Through” from the Bay Area Discovery Museum – we think it’s a great way to explore the cause and effect relationships that create motion!
Exploring Motion

Playing with Scarves.

There’s lot of potential for experimentation, joy + wonder with a few simple pieces of cloth.
Exploring Motion

Chain Reactions.

We love this activity from the Tinkering Studio at the Exploratorium. It’s all about cause and effect.
Exploring Motion

Paper Airplanes.

Take the art of making and playing with motion to new heights with paper airplanes.
Exploring Sound.

DIY Guitar.

Experiment with sound by building a musical instrument with materials like string, rubber bands, and cardboard.
Exploring Sound.

Hushed Heist.

Design and build stealthy footwear to use in a noisy obstacle course.
Exploring Sound.

Mystery Shakers.

We think this is a fun way to explore the sense of sound with toddlers!
Exploring Light.


Make your own kaleidoscope! Using a paper towel roll, cardboard, and tin foil, you can recreate one of MOXI’s exhibits.
Exploring Light.

Pixel Mosaic.

Explore how individual pixels (small squares of individual colors) can be assembled to create a larger picture.
Making Stuff.


This activity was inspired by Mosaic Faces, an exhibit in our Light Track that allows you to take the ultimate selfie!
Making Stuff.

Pattern Play.

Explore patterns at MOXI and at home - inside and outside!
Exploring Sound.

Terrific Thaumatropes.

Thaumatropes were a popular toy in the 1800’s but also make for a fun activity today. Check out this guide to making one from The Met Museum.
Exploring Sound.

DIY Board Games.

This activity is all about storytelling through games. Invent a storyline and develop rules to build a one-of-a-kind board game you can play with your family or friends.
Making Stuff.

DIY Bubbles + Bubble Wands.

Create your own bubble wands and explore how shaping different wands creates different bubble shapes.
Making Stuff.

Stop Motion Animation.

It's your turn to play the role of director and bring your toys + other objects to life through the process of stop motion animation.
Making Stuff.

Upcycling with Artist Calder Kamin.

Collect materials like plastic lids, bags, or used takeout containers and turn them into something new!
Making Stuff.

Painting with Algae + Natural Materials.

Make your own watercolor paint out of natural materials at home.
Making Stuff.

Stamp Making.

Here are some resources to do one of our Innovation Workshop activities that is a guest favorite, stamp making, at home!
Innovation Workshop Maker Kits.

Innovation Workshop Maker Kits.

Enhance your at-home learning by bringing the makerspace to your place with MOXI@Home: Innovation Workshop Maker Kits!


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