The Algae Society: Bio Art Design Lab

Art Installations

The Algae Society: Bio Art Design Lab

April 27, 2019 – July 21, 2019

The Algae Society: Bio Art Design Lab celebrates algae as an unsung hero of the planet and allowed guests to learn about its role on our planet and the effects global warming is having on these valuable creatures by interacting with its several components. Guests could explore the “Cabinet of Curiosity” nook where they could prop open a book to learn about algae, play Back to the Anemone, and look into the peephole boxes for a visual representation of the effects that ocean acidification is having on different algae species. Oceanic Scales was an interactive experience where guests could turn the different knobs to see how nutrients, pH/acidity, and temperature affect Phytoplankton. A chalk board wall allowed guests to draw their favorite algae or write down something they learned by exploring the exhibit.

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