Fantastic Forces Courtyard.

Permanent Exhibit

Fantastic Forces Courtyard.

Step outside into this space dedicated to gravity, magnetism, propulsion, centripetal force and more. Conduct test flights in our Wind Column Workshop, launch an Air Rocket and discover the power of magnetic fields on our Magnetic Islands. Play with all these things and more in The McMillan + Kenny Families Fantastic Forces Courtyard that soars up three stories to the glass ceiling of the Levinson Family Sky Garden.

Projects for before and after your visit.


Mini Air Rockets.

Tinker like an aerospace engineer and launch paper rockets using the power of your breath.

Water Wheels.

Upcycle plastics in your home to investigate the transformation of energy from moving water into power.

Moving Pictures.

Spin two pictures to trick the brain and make a new single image!

More Exhibits.


Sky Garden.

Enjoy breathtaking views of Santa Barbara from the mountains to the sea on our exhibit-filled rooftop.

Light Track.

Explore the world of lights, colors, shadows and more in this area where science and technology beautifully combine with visual arts and creative expression. Take the ultimate selfie at Mosaic Faces.