Tech Track.

Permanent Exhibit

Tech Track.

Make your mark right as you enter MOXI on the Sheldon Family Handprint Globe. Get inspired by stories of local innovators and their work in our community on the Innovation Wall. Enter the Innovation Workshop, MOXI’s own makerspace where you can imagine, design and test your own creations using a wide variety of technologies and tools – from the low-tech popsicle sticks and glue to the high-tech 3-D printer and laser cutter. The Tech Track provides a glimpse into what’s new, what’s next, and the process of innovating and creating new technology.

Projects for before and after your visit.


Playing with Scarves.

There’s lot of potential for experimentation, joy + wonder with a few simple pieces of cloth.


There’s lots of things that spin at MOXI. Explore spinning at home by making your own tops out of household materials or try to create an optical illusion out of something that spins!

Paper Airplanes.

Take the art of making and playing with motion to new heights with paper airplanes.

More Exhibits.


Sound Track.

Go inside the Giant Guitar to learn about how your favorite guitar riffs begin. Be mesmerized by our very own George Rhoads-designed Sound Machine.

Speed Track.

Feed your need for speed as you build your own race car and send it down our test track. Prototype designs for a marble roller coaster. Discover the beauty in all types of movement.