Measurement Rules

Created by Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

Opening Saturday, June 15, 2024

About the Exhibit

Measurement Rules

How many chickens do you weigh? How tall are you in apples or inches or pennies?  Can you use your foot as a ruler?

Measurement is an essential part of our lives, but not always easy to understand. Gauge height, distance, volume, and more in Measurement Rules, an interactive exhibit that introduces visitors to various units of measurement. Master the basics and then compare, classify, and categorize different ways to measure using traditional—and not-so-traditional—tools including balancing scales, odometers, calipers, 3-D imaging, and counting “Mississippis.”

Projects for before and after your visit



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Collect materials like plastic lids, bags, or used takeout containers and turn them into something new!

Stamp Making.

Here are some resources to do one of our Innovation Workshop activities that is a guest favorite, stamp making, at home!