Reflections + Less Ephemeral

Art Installations

Reflections + Less Ephemeral

Marco Pinter
January 13, 2018 – May 13, 2018

MOXI Guests were able to explore aspects of motion, touch and connectedness in Reflections and Less Ephemeral, by artist Marco Pinter. Reflections is comprised of three interactive experiences: Time Dilation, Thermal Gestures and Connections. Guests could dance and interact with time dilated silhouettes of themselves, press their body against the Thermal Gestures textile and use the heat of their body and breath to create patterns or grab a partner for Connections and watch as their energy flows through both silhouettes. Each experience uses the guest’s creativity and movement to create a unique graphic visual. The companion piece to Reflections, Less Ephemeral, is comprised of a collection of prints and digital media that showcase the beauty of movement.

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