Art Installations


Davor Magdic
December 16, 2017 – April 6, 2018

Compete, create and play in Vizikord. Designed by senior software developer and digital visual artist Davor Magdic, Vizikord places your real live body inside the computer-generated world allowing guests to use their body as an instrument in a spin on two classic arcade games or to create kaleidoscopic images to a custom beat. Challenges, powerups and music modes allows guests to interact with the exhibit in their own custom way. Whether guests enjoyed working towards a goal or simply wanted to explore the movement of their body, it was enjoyed by all!

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Calder Kamin
April 22, 2022 – August 21, 2022

The Interactive Kinetic Ball Machine

High School Seniors of the Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy
February 08, 2020 - March 14, 2020; April 16, 2021 - May 17, 2021