Art Installations


Calder Kamin

April 22, 2022 – August 21, 2022

Nature never wastes. In SuperArtificial, nature was reborn from our rubbish into vibrantly colored creatures and plants. Guests could explore a whimsical forest scene with foxes and birds amongst plants of all shapes, sizes and materials and to get inspired to be creative and courageous about the future.

Guests also had the opportunity to create their own works of art, inspired by Kamin’s work, with materials generously sourced in partnership with Art From Scrap in the Interactive Media Theater.

Photo credit: Essentials Creative

This exhibit was part of MOXI’s Climate Change Challenge, presented by Sonos and generously sponsored by Bank of America, Cox, Schlinger Family Foundation, and SoCalGas Company. 

SuperArtificial. by Calder Kamin.

All photos: Creative Essentials

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