SuperArtificial Makerspace

Art Installation

Welcome to the SuperArtificial Garden

Inspired by artist Calder Kamin

April 22, 2022 – August 21, 2022

Guests were invited into the Interactive Media Theater to create their own upcycled creations, inspired by Kamin’s SuperArtificial art installation, and her exploration of reusing waste plastics. Materials were sourced in partnership with Art From Scrap. Guests could add their creations to the garden bed, or, take them home.

This exhibit was part of MOXI’s Climate Change Challenge, presented by Sonos and generously sponsored by Bank of America, Cox, the Schlinger Family Foundation, and Southern California Gas Company. 

Makers Gallery.

Projects for before and after your visit.


Stamp Making.

Here are some resources to do one of our Innovation Workshop activities that is a guest favorite, stamp making, at home!

Stop Motion Animation.

It's your turn to play the role of director and bring your toys + other objects to life through the process of stop motion animation.

DIY Bubbles + Bubble Wands.

Create your own bubble wands and explore how shaping different wands creates different bubble shapes.

“I want to be here forever, everyday, all the time.”

– Museum guest, 10-years-old

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