Telepoem Booth® MOXI

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Telepoem Booth® MOXI

Elizabeth Hellstern
November 11, 2019 – January 26, 2020

Telepoem Booth® MOXI is a unique, and for some, nostalgic exhibit. Telepoem Booth® MOXI, designed by artist and writer Elizabeth Hellstern, re-invents the pulse technology of the rotary phone and dual-tone multi frequency of the push-button phone as a new communication tool that allows users to dial-a-poem. Guests could select from hundreds of poems listed in the accompanying phone book, many written by poets in Santa Barbara county, to listen to via the phone booth. Pairing these two important communication tools – telephones and poetry – provides experiences with poetry in an intimate and novel setting for guests to discover.

Generously supported by Change Happens Foundation.

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