Building Brick Playspace

Build your dreams.

MOXI's Building Brick Playspace

Get into hands-on, playful STEAM learning with building bricks! MOXI’s Building Brick Playspace offers opportunities for guests to stack in 3D with as many blocks as we can fit in our bins.

Projects for before and after your visit.



This activity was inspired by Mosaic Faces, an exhibit in our Light Track that allows you to take the ultimate selfie!

Stop Motion Animation.

It's your turn to play the role of director and bring your toys + other objects to life through the process of stop motion animation.

Painting with Algae + Natural Materials.

Make your own watercolor paint out of natural materials at home.

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More Exhibits.


Fantastic Forces Courtyard.

Step outside into this space dedicated to gravity, magnetism, propulsion, centripetal force and more. Conduct test flights in our Wind Column Workshop, launch an Air Rocket and discover the power of magnetic fields on our Magnetic Islands.

Interactive Media Track.

Discover a unique showcase for a wide range of digital interactive experiences designed in partnership with area artists, educators and scientists.