Sky Garden.

Permanent Exhibit.

Sky Garden.

Enjoy breathtaking views of Santa Barbara from the mountains to the sea on our exhibit-filled rooftop. Play and experiment with fluid dynamics in a spectacular way at Whitewater, our fully interactive water feature including a giant Archimedes screw. Create a wind-, sun- and human-powered symphony with the Weather Orchestra. Step inside the Towbes Family Lookout Tower to see the city a bit differently through the lenses of five different observation scopes. And no visit to the Levinson Family Sky Garden will be complete without a walk across our glass Sky Deck for a unique view of the courtyard below.

"Our favorite part was the water powered machine on the roof and all the different types of telescopes. Oh and the gorgeous view!"

– Yelp Review
Projects for before and after your visit.


Mini Air Rockets.

Tinker like an aerospace engineer and launch paper rockets using the power of your breath.

Water Wheels.

Upcycle plastics in your home to investigate the transformation of energy from moving water into power.

Moving Pictures.

Spin two pictures to trick the brain and make a new single image!

More Exhibits.


Interactive Media Track.

Discover a unique showcase for a wide range of digital interactive experiences designed in partnership with area artists, educators and scientists.

Sound Track.

Go inside the Giant Guitar to learn about how your favorite guitar riffs begin. Be mesmerized by our very own George Rhoads-designed Sound Machine.